Domodedovo (T2)

232 000 ² total area

175 000 ³ concrete

33 months construction

9 storeys

Terminal 2 will be attached to the existing building of the international sector of the airport and is designed to service international flights. In addition to the Terminal 2 building, a concourse with 19 contact parking stands, an apron for aircraft parking and infrastructure from the city, providing traffic interchange, will be built as part of this project.


277 730 ² total area

139 100 ³ concrete

45 lifts

1658 flats

The residential homes, which have beautiful views of the water from their windows, are built with the highest level of quality, according to the technologies of the modern monolithic high-rise residential construction, with the use of durable and reliable materials.

To create a unified architectural design, all the balconies and loggias are enclosed with glass. The apartments also have space to install air conditionings in them, which will help maintain the aesthetic appearance of the facades of the buildings in the future.

Moscow A101

63 412 ² total area

23 350 ³ concrete

18 months construction

746 flats

The residential complex Moscow A101 is a massive community located 3 km from the Moscow ring highway on the Kaluzhskoye highway, right in the heart of the New Moscow. 8, 12, 14 and 16 floors buildings make up the basis of this development.

The construction is carried out according to the monolithic-brick technology that ensures the high quality...


264 000 ² total area

352  height

85 storey

400 apartments

The buildings consist of both residential and office facilities, occupying approximately the same amount of space: the offices take up 122 493 square meters and the residential apartments take up 122 507 square meters of the complex.

The concept of OKO is the perfection of simple geometric forms, their seamless integration into the center of business life in Moscow, as well as a play on contrast, thanks to which this project will become the visual center of the Moscow International Business Center.


186 900 ² total area

1029 parking spaces

923 flats

21 lifts

Litsa is an innovative residential high-tech style project, which is located in the North-West district of the capital.

The 24-storey complex includes 923 one- and two-level suites, which are united by a three-storey stylobate, with its own infrastructure of 35 000 square meters, including a parking lot for 1029 cars and a spacious courtyard. The size of the apartments differs from 50 to 150 square meters. The ceilings are 3 meters high.

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The total area of completed projects is 2.3 million sqm
The total area of current projects is 1.3 million sqm
The business center Wall Street is BREEAM certified
Our clients: Capital Group, MR Group, Avgur Estate, Pioneer Group
ANT YAPI group ranked 86th among the world's largest international contractors in 2016
ANNTEQ Company

ANTTEQ is a full-service engineering, construction company and a subsidiary of the worldwide construction group NT YAPI. The company was founded by Guven Dundar and Ismet Birinci, who have been working for the parent company for more than 10 years and have successfully realized significant contractual projects covering more than a million square meters. Besides the company executives, 90% of the employees working for ANTTEQ are people who have gathered an enormous amount of their valuable professional skills at ANT YAPI which considered one of the biggest international contractors.

We have built about 1.7 million square meters of commercial and residential space. The total building area of current projects is more than 1.3 million square meters.

Professional approach, the widespread use of innovative technology architectural solutions allows ANTTEQ to bring into action not only large-scale investment projects, but to raise small ambitious construction developments. We offer our clients a full set of construction services of the residential and business real estate starting with a projects initial design to completion of construction in terms of Shell&Core and Fit-out. For us any new project is unique and we apply an individual approach to each of them by transforming a fancy idea into a value-added investment programme through our key fundamentals Technology, Engineering, Quality.


Considerable construction experience of our executives makes it possible for ANTTEQ to realize even the most difficult and ambitious projects. Perfect construction quality, on-time delivery of the objects begins with the attentive attitude to detail and with an individual control and participation at all the stages of construction process.

ANTTEQ establishes strategic partnerships with distinguished and well-known companies such as Capital Group, MR Group, Domodedovo Construction Management, Samsung Engineering&Construction, Gals-Development, Avgur Estate, Zaha Hadid architect.

Our objective is to continue strengthening our position in the Russian market and successfully realizing our scheduled developer projects.