Multifunctional complex “Capital City”

Capital Group
Surface Area
365 000 ì2
Period of Construction
2006 – 2009

Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 8/1

The multifunctional complex “Capital City” is made up of two towers: the “Moscow” (76 floors) and the “St. Petersburg” (69 floors), which are connected by an 18-floor joining part on the 9th site of the Moscow-City area. The “Capital City” includes residential apartments (107 500 m²) in both of the towers - the “Moscow” and the “St. Petersburg”, a business-center and a multi-level underground parking lot (91 500 m²).

The “Moscow” Tower, which is 305 meters high at the moment, is the third-highest tower in Europe, giving way to its neighbors OKO and the Mercury City Tower skyscraper. In 2012 the “CAPITAL CITY” took part in the Skyscraper City forum in Eurocup and became the most popular skyscraper in Europe being followed by the Mary Axe Skyscraper in London.

Building dynamics