Multifunctional complex “Sky Towers”

Surface Area
250 000 ì2
Period of Construction
2010 –

Kiev, Pobedi Avenue, 13

The ensemble program of “Sky Towers” was designed by foreign constructors, who have impressive experience in the field of building skyscrapers. “Sky Towers” consist of 2 towers (one being 34 and the other 47-storey high), of a 2-storey bank facility and of an eight-level underground parking lot. The 47-storey tower is designed to accommodate 17 000 employees and the height of the complex varies from 210 to 214 meters, due to the uneven terrain. The roof will be equipped with a helicopter landing site. The 34-storey building will have the hotel “Swissotel” situated in a part of it, the roof of which will house a panoramic restaurant with an outdoor terrace on it. Yet the main feature of this entire ensemble will be the magnificent winter gardens with slanting glass at the place where the two towers cross. The structure is being built from the top down, that is, the underground levels are dug first under the already constructed ones.

Building dynamics